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Vision & Priorities

At St Dunstan’s we seek to proclaim God’s love to all around us.

St Dunstan's is an Anglican church in Cranbrook providing a range of services, traditional and less formal, for the benefit of all, praying that God’s message of love and compassion is more accessible and available to all.

Our vision is to be:

  1. An all-inclusive, all age, larger church family (including a focus on children and young families) alive to the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever folk are on their journey through life. 

  2. A welcoming, caring and kind Church where the community feel at home without conditions. A church with something for everyone – a community hub.

  3. A church that is fully integrated playing an active part in the Cranbrook community. Not a club but a church fully engaged and imparting the relevance of St Dunstan’s to the wider community. This includes leading and developing programmes in the community.  

  4. A welcoming and adaptable church able to facilitate various activities and groups as a community resource as well as a sacred space and a focus for reflection and worship. This includes an improvement in the facilities.

  5. A thriving church, alive with music, a strong choir, with events and activities for all ages.

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