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The Filling Station

"As you continue to focus on me alone and as you put me at the centre of your world, I will then heal your land and your county"

Common Ground was started over 10 years ago to support new initiatives in the Parish and encourage the wider Church to come together for prayer and informal worship. More recently this has centred largely on raising awareness for Local Houses of Prayer, inspired by the book "The Grace Outpouring" by Roy Godwin. 


This has now seen the establishment of a High Weald "Filling Station", initiated by members of St Dunstan’s.

The first meeting was held in November 14 and we now meet monthly on the third Wednesday of each month in a village hall. Some 50-70 people have attended each time. The make-up of a typical FS tends to be 40% mature Christians, (about 12 of whom are from St Dunstan’s), 40% those who have been put off church for some reason and 20% who have no experience of church/religion at all. 

Our gathering usually represents people from around 10 or 11 local churches across the Weald including the local Roman Catholic church. 

There is a good music group for worship, followed by a speaker and then a time of prayer ministry.

For more details please contact Philip Crocker

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