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Children and their families

Everyone, of every age, is welcome to come and join us for all our activities. 
If you have young children and you worry about them making noise on a Sunday morning, please know that the 'noise' of children is a gift to the church, not a distraction! We want to be a church family that welcomes children (really, everyone) the way Jesus welcomes everyone.
Messy Church


Messy Church is into its eighth year, and thanks to the support and enthusiasm of our helpers it has proved to be an inspiring success within the community. There is a well staffed team, and the internal finances are healthy. We are reaching families who have little or no experience of church.

Around 25 to 30 children come with a parent regularly each month to experience a new kind of church, and as we form friendships and share our faith with them in a gentle manner with lots of fun activities we are sowing seeds that will help them in their lives. After the excitement of their craft session we have a  a simple celebration, ending with the Messy Grace in preparation for their return to Vestry Hall for the meals we all share together.


Messy Church normally takes place in Vestry Hall on the second Friday of each month from 3.30pm - 5.30pm.  Please check noticeboards for updated information.

Tots Plus


Tots Plus is a warm and friendly toddler/preschool group where all Parents, Grandparents and carers are welcome. There is always a warm welcome and a friendly smile and more than likely a slice of cake. Come and let the children play and make some new friends.

Church House Friday Mornings ( Term time only) 9.30 - 11.00 am

We look forward to meeting you.

Weald Family Hub


There is an epidemic of mental ill health amongst young people today. Research from Public Health England suggests that 1 in 10 young people have a diagnosed mental illness. 1 in 10 self harm. 75% of those who need professional support will not receive it.

Locally, many of us have been personally affected by the issues of mental illness, anxiety and self harm amongst our own children, and those of friends and school mates. We know that these issues can only be faced and overcome as a community - no individual person or group has the whole answer. The Weald Family Hub is a local community response to this challenge. It brings local churches, schools and individuals together with Fegans, a highly respected charity that specialises in working with teenage mental illness.
The Hub will do two things: first to raise money to subsidise local schools to be able to access counselling for children who are in need of expert support; secondly to run a variety of parent support schemes to help parents and families as we bring children up in a complex and rapidly changing world. 

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Please contact us for further information about any of our activities for young people and children.

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