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Nourish Foodbank Collection

Nourish Foodbank pick-ups to Nourish in Tunbridge Wells will leave Cranbrook on the last Friday of the month. Any donations of groceries to Little Brooksden, High Street, TN17 3DT. Please leave donations in the porch by the last Thursday of the month. Items can be left in church under the long table if you are unable to take to the drop off address. We will make sure donations from the church are collected and taken to Little Brooksden if necessary.

This is a change of address from the Vicarage to The Hart residence.

The Filling Station

"As you continue to focus on me alone and as you put me at the centre of your world, I will then heal your land and your county"

Common Ground was started over 10 years ago to support new initiatives in the Parish and encourage the wider Church to come together for prayer and informal worship. More recently this has centred largely on raising awareness for Local Houses of Prayer, inspired by the book "The Grace Outpouring" by Roy Godwin. 


This has now seen the establishment of a High Weald "Filling Station", initiated by members of St Dunstan’s.

Compass Community Choir

The Compass Choir was set up at the beginning of 2019 to support the health and wellbeing of our community.

All ages and all singing abilities are very welcome!

Our goal is to bring people together from all walks of life and to benefit from the healing and uplifting power of singing in a group.

We are here for each other. It's not just about singing, but it's what we do when we are together. Singing gives us a reason to find our voices and once our voices are found, we form bonds that can become unbreakable.

Come and join us, if you require any further information, please go to our website or contact

Wellbeing in the Weald

Wellbeing the Weald came into being in late 2018/early 2019 by a group representing a cross section of the community including a local GP, Dr Dineli Charlesworth. She saw the need for something to tackle isolation and to promote improved health and wellbeing in our communities – an idea was sparked.

Our aim is to organise new and promote existing wellbeing activities in the Weald; including opportunities to be more active, to volunteer, learn something new, meet other people to feel more connected and just get out and about and have a bit of friendly social interaction.

We want to reach out to people who are lonely, isolated or feeling low to give them the opportunity to connect with others, make friends and feel supported.We want to bring the community together in a fun and social way to highlight the importance of connecting – a key element in wellbeing. Having people to turn to can enable us to cope better when life gets tough or when our health suffers.

To find out more about Wellbeing in the Weald 'click here'

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