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Music at St Dunstan's Church

The Choir


Music plays an important role in the worship and services at St Dunstan’s Church. A robed choir of faithful singers lead the music at most of the church services. Occasionally the choir is augmented by singers from other choirs in the community. 


The music style is traditional with the choir singing in four parts with or without accompaniment.


The choir is always keen to welcome new singers.


Whether you are a budding or experienced singer we welcome all voices.

If you are interested, please contact David Hough Email:

The organ


The organ, originally by Henry ‘Father’ Willis is highly regarded. It was built in1854, and it is thought that some of the pipework came from the famous Great Exhibition organ, although most formed the instrument in Winchester Cathedral, built the same year.

The instrument was moved to the north aisle in 1893, and was enlarged by the firm of William Hill in 1908.

A substantial rebuild was undertaken by Nicholson & Co in 1981. Forty years on it is beginning to show signs of wear but remains a fine instrument.

The organ has three manuals and pedal: past and present specifications are given on the website of the National Pipe Organ Register.

The instrument has attracted some fine performers, and the opening recital of the 1981 rebuild was broadcast on BBC Radio 3. Two former organists went on to cathedral appointments and another was a significant composer.

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