St Dunstan's, Cranbrook

Vision and Priorities

Our vision statement is;

‘At St Dunstan’s we seek to proclaim God’s love to all around us’ 

St Dunstan's is an Anglican church in Cranbrook providing a range of services, traditional and less formal, for the benefit of all, praying that God’s message of love and compassion is more accessible and available to all.

Scallop Shell St Ds

Our vision is to be:

  • a welcoming church - focused on developing relationships, with an active ministry for all
  • an outreaching church - involved in the local community, serving the town and local schools
  • a caring church - compassionate, providing a place where all people can be supported in finding the comfort that God brings 
  • a worshipping and growing church - where people of all ages can background can hear the Christian message and grow in the Christian faith