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The Leprosy Mission

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Following Jesus Christ, the Leprosy Mission seeks to bring about transformation; breaking the chains of leprosy and empowering people to attain healing, dignity, and life in all its fullness.

No one should suffer because of a preventable and treatable disease.

The Leprosy Mission works in 28 countries with people of all faiths and none to defeat leprosy and transform the lives of people affected.

As well as supporting people living with leprosy today, the charity serves future generations by working to end the transmission of the disease. So they may be born into a world free from leprosy.

The Leprosy Mission also partner with governments, churches and other organisations. Most importantly, they work with people affected by leprosy to achieve the vision - leprosy defeated, lives transformed.


Chris Stratta

The New Regional Manager of the Leprosy Mission 

will be preaching on

Sunday 11th July 2021

at the morning service

Everyone most welcome.


How we can support the Leprosy Mission

Please continue to collect used Stamps for the Leprosy Mission.

Over the last 30 years over £1,000,000 has been raised by the mission selling used stamps.

Currently, due to Covid restrictions, the collection stamp postbox normally in St Dunstan's church is not available.

Instead it would be appreciated if your used stamps could be delivered to:

The Hoopers,


Golford Rd, 


or call 01580 713344 to arrange collection within the Cranbrook Area.

Thank you 


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