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Lent 2021 Appeal: Water Aid 'Jars of Change'

jars of change

Lent begins soon and we will be promoting the charity Water Aid for our Lent Appeal. 

For their 'Jars of Change' Lent Appeal 2021, why not think of having a jar next to your kettle and everytime you make yourself a tea, coffee or hot drink of your choice, pray a prayer of thanksgiving that we can drink clean water from our taps and place some money in the jar.

Over the course of the 6 weeks of Lent you will be surprised how many cups of drink you have, and even if you only put 20p in everytime it soon adds up. 

Rev'd Ann will be doing this and we hope that you will join her. The plan is to bring your 'Jars of Change' to St Dunstan's Church at Easter when we hope we will be able to have a service of public worship.

Alternatively, if you would like to donate direct to Water Aid click the following link:

Thank you.

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