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Baptisms (Christenings) 

If you would like to arrange a baptism please contact the Church Office and leave your details and we will be in touch.  


If you are considering bringing your child up in the Christian faith, you may wish to have your child baptised. This is the normal way of joining the wider Christian family we know as ‘the church’.  Baptisms take place at the Font where the child has holy water poured over their head three times to mark the start of the child’s journey in life with God as their companion.

Where the child is not old enough to make his/her mind up, the parents and appointed godparents are asked to speak on the child’s behalf and make promises to bring the child up in the Christian faith. The child will receive a Baptism Certificate together with a Baptism Candle. Godparents receive a prayer card reminding them of the promises they have made on the child’s behalf.

Baptisms sometimes take place within the main worship services of the church, usually on a Sunday morning at 10.00am. Occasionally a Baptism service can be arranged for another time on a Sunday at 12.00.
If you wish to enquire about a Baptism for your child, please call the Parish Office or the Vicar. Parents will be asked to come to a Baptism preparation evening at which we explore the symbolism involved in the service of Baptism, discuss what it means to be Baptised, and book the date for your child's baptism.  There may also be a visit to your home by a member of the clergy or our Pastoral Team.


We hope you might like to join us in worship one Sunday before your child’s baptism, we are a welcoming and friendly congregation and it is good for young children to experience being in St Dunstan’s church, which is such a wonderful huge church building, before they come to be baptised.

We do not make a charge for a Baptism, since it is part of our mission to Baptise in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, following Jesus’ instructions, (See The Gospel according to Matthew Chapter 28 verse 19). However you may wish to make a voluntary donation towards the mission and ministry of the church and if you are a tax payer then please do consider using the Gift Aid envelopes that can be found in the church. Remember, for every £5 that is Gift Aided we as a church can claim a further £1.25 from the Inland Revenue at no further cost to you.

You can be baptised at any age. Adult candidates for Baptism are usually baptised and confirmed at the same service (a confirmation service) after a short course of instruction. The course covers subjects such as The Bible, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and what that means to us today within the life of the church.

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